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voyager en liberté • 22/05/2019

Tourism and sustainable development

While climate change is a reality and many organizations are fighting for a more environmentally-friendly, more reasoned and reasonable world, whether it is by its choices and its movements... How do tourism professionals act?
Can we talk about sustainable tourism? What’s the ecological impact? What are tourism companies doing to change this?

For the consumer, it is a question of reviewing his habits, changing his holiday plans, finding alternatives. We grew up in a society where from one day to the next, we could contact the other side of the Earth in a second and reach it in a few hours. How then can we lose our habits of instantaneity and ease? What's to be gained?
Tourism has a definite impact on the environment. Air travel is expensive for nature and the car, to a lesser extent certainly, does not preserve it either. But tourism also brings real value to a country, a region. It creates diversity, exchange and meeting. It opens the eyes of some and enriches those of others.

For professionals, these changes invite them to rethink their travels. How can we do better by going less far? How can you create a unique experience right on your doorstep?

At Safrantours, we have been working on these issues on a daily basis for 25 years now. We do our best to offer our customers experiences while respecting the nature around them. We create trips that are tailored to the needs of people and their environment by promoting soft transport - with low ecological impact - and by encouraging people to meet others.
By bike, on a hike, with a donkey or in a caravan, we invite them to rediscover the pleasure of taking their time, of moving slowly from one point to another, and of no longer having to cross the Earth to discover exceptional landscapes and hosts.


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