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  • Family cycling holidays

    An adventure for all the gang!
  • Walking tours in France

    Off the beaten track, you're sure to find new horizons!
  • Family journey in the company of a donkey

    Experience something unique and unforgettable
  • A self-guided tour

    What is it?

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A self-guided tour

What is it?
  • it's giving oneself the opportunity to be an actor of his journey
  • choosing the people you want to travel with
  • idiscovering according to your desires and at your own pace
  • travel day by day, to live an adventure with your loved ones and to find the pleasure of sharing

Who are we?

Safrantours is a travel agency specializing in discovery holidays linking nature, heritage and culture. Our aim is to develop a form of tourism which respects people and their environment.

About us

Our spirit

Holidaying with Safrantours means taking the time to explore a region, feel its pulse. Far from the usual tourist fast-fare, we propose a gourmet appreciation of authentic France.

Our spirit