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Along the river Drôme

A cycling holiday created especially for families
  • Duration 8 days
  • Activity Biking
  • Holiday among adults, with family
  • Theme rivers and canals, countryside

Information : Along the river Drôme

  • Comfort
  • Difficulty
  • Note
  • Roadbooks French / German


A cycling holiday created especially for families. It's great fun to follow the river and its affluents along minor country roads and paths with very little traffic. Far off the cliffs of the Vercors Nature Park add a touch of grandeur to the already provençal scenery
Thus from guest house to guest house, withample opportunities to take a dip here and there, you'll make your way to the romanesque city of Die, the mediaeval Tower of Crest and, after going through the Ramières Nature Reserve, your journey comes close to its end between the peach and cherry trees of the Rhône Valley.

Holidays from April to October.
You can begin your stay any day April - June and September - October.
In the high season, holidays start on odd dates (1st, 3rd, 5th...) in July, and even dates (2nd, 4th, 6th...) in August.

You'll love

  • bathing in the turquoise waters of the river Drôme
  • the varied accommodation: inn, B+B in owners' house, small hotels
  • mediaeval Crest and Roman Die
  • narrow practically traffic-free roads that wind through the vineyards of the Diois

Program : Along the river Drôme

  • D1 Arrival in Chabrillan

    Arrival in Chabrillan late afternoon.

    Dinner and night in hostelry in a restored farmhouse with its own pool.

  • D2 Ride around Chabrillan towards the Lac des Freydières (lake)

    18,5km stage. 150 m total uphill (level 1/5).
    This ride in the Drôme valley may be qualified as relatively lazy!
    The object is to get to a very pretty lake by the Drôme river, deep within the Nature Reserve called Les Ramières. A nice place to linger and enjoy the day, even if bathing is forbidden.
    Dinner and night at the farmhouse hostelry with its own pool.

  • D3 Down to the railway station in Livron, then continuing from Luc en Diois to St Roman

    Each of today's two stages is 15 km long. Total uphill 250m. Duration about 4 hours.
    First you leave your accommodation and go down to the Drôme River, using narrow country roads. You will go past the old railway station called Les Ramières where you can find information about the nature reserve of the same name. Then you go along the banks of the Drôme on a delightful shady path. There's a brief rise to the heights of Brézème and upper Livron, which is followed by the descent to the station at Livron.
    You get off at the station of Luc en Diois and here you are on the little roads of the Diois among the walnut trees and the vineyards with the impressive cliffs of the Glandasse mountain in the background.

    Possibility to do only one of the two stages. On request.

    Dinner and night in a welcoming guesthouse in the centre of the old village.

  • D4 Ride around St Roman

    14,9 km with total uphill 280metres. Level 2/5. Duration about 2hrs30.
    A lovely day exploring the countryside at the foot of the Vercors. The route takes you through the village of Châtillon en Diois, which is famous for its vineyards and its 'viols' - steep narrow streets. Then you make your way through the "chemin des vignes" which weaves through the vineyards from 'cabanon' to 'cabanon'. (These are attractive small stone huts scattered about the vineyards, and used to store water and tools. Formerly they also provided shelter for those working in the vines. You make your way back through the charming village of St Roman and by the bank of the stream (Le Boidans) where a colony of beavers has chosen to live.

    Dinner and night in the guesthouse.

  • D5 From Saint Roman to Ponet et Saint Auban

    23 km with total uphill 200 metres - Level 2/5 - Duration about 3hrs
    The route is composed of earth tracks and small tarmacked roads. It follows the Bez, tributary of the Drôme, where you'll find pretty bathing spots on the way to Die.
    Don't miss the museum of history and archaeology in the town of Die.

    Dinner and night in a charming guesthouse in a small village.

  • D6 Around Ponet et Saint Auban

    13 km with total uphill 200 m - Level 2/5 - Duration about 2hrs
    The route takes you along cart tracks and narrow roads set in hilly countryside along the banks of the River Drôme, with lovely bathing spots. The little town of Die is a cool place to take a break before you head for the upland valley of Ponet and Saint Auban.

    Dinner and night in the guesthouse.

  • D7 Taxi transfer from Ponet et Saint Auban to Saillans then ride from Saillans to Chabrillan

    26,6km with total uphill 210 metres. Level 2/5. Duration about 3 hours15.
    The ride goes along peaceful little roads on the left bank of the Drôme.
    The Valley is wider here and there are various places you can bathe.
    Aouste is the first little village you come to, followed by the mediaeval city of Crest , which you cross from East to West. Highly recommended: visit to the Tour de Crest, the highest castle keep in Europe, spectacular!
    On the way out of Crest, you ride along narrow tarmacked roads. Then you will see the pretty village of Chabrillan perched on a rocky spur, its castle dominating the plain of the Val de Drome.

    Dinner and night at the inn with its own pool.

  • D8 Departure

    Departure after breakfast.

Tariffs high season

From July to August, departure everyday 2 days

In family room

Adult : 725 €
Junior (12-17) : 650 €
Child (2-11) : 470 €
Baby (0 - 1) : 80 €

In double room

Adult : 785 €
Junior (12 - 17) :  785 €
Child (2 - 11) : 715 €
Baby (0 - 1) : 80 €

In single room

925 €

Solo traveller

1035 €

Tariffs low season

From April to June and from september to october, departure everyday

In family room

Adult : 685 €
Junior (12-17) : 615 €
Child (2-11) : 445 €
Baby (0-1) : 80 €

In double room

Adult :  745 €
Junior (12 - 17) : 745 €
Child (2 - 11) : 675 €
Baby (0 - 1) : 80 €

In single room

885 €

Solo traveller

995 €

What's included?

  • Holidays are half-board.
  • 2* Hotel and 3'épis' guest houses.
  • Detailed roadbook and maps.
  • Logistical and technical support.
  • Baggage transfer
  • Taxi Transfer


  • Picnics for the whole trip from :
    • Adult or junior : 66 €
    • Child : 42 €
  • Bike rental from :
    • Bike for adult or junior : 100 €
    • MTB for child : 60 €
    • Trailer bike or bike cart for child : 60 €
    • Child seat : 10 €
    • Electric power bike rental for adult or junior: 160 €
  • Rental of GPS : from 70 €

What's not included ?

  • Beverage and extra
  • Return transfer from Home to the first accomodation
  • Facultative cancellation and rapatriation insurance

Characteristics of circuits

  • Cycling from place to place, suitable for all the family
  • Daily stages between 13 and 30 km, from 1hrs30 to 4 hours cycling.
  • Daily total uphill: 100 - 370 metres
  • Altitudes from 700 to 100 metres
  • Paths and small country roads.
  • Cycles: suitable for country bikes.


These outings are much more about relaxed exploration than athletic performance. Your bagage is transported from lodging to lodging and your roadbook will guide you from beginning to end. We provide the logistical and technical support necessary.

On longer holidays you change accommodation every other day, which gives you the chance to get to know your surroundings better or simply take the time to relax...

These holidays are in 2 or 3 star/"épis" hotels or guest houses chosen for their atmosphere, warm welcome and environmental and architectural setting.

Accommodation is half-board. Picnics are extra; you may like to order these at reservation.


By car

Highway A7 exit 16 Privas, La Voulte, Loriol, Crest - 10 km.

By air

Lyon St Exupéry Airport

By train

Crest railway station or Valence-Ville railway station. Then, by taxi or car to the accommodation in Chabrillan


Global note
  • Très beau tour grâce aux rivières (Drôme, Sure...).

  • Our best souvenirs: the hospitality to the guest room of Saint Roman, the bathing, the wonderful surroundings to Auberge la Plaine.

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