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The Vendée coastal isles

Cycling along the Atlantic coast through the Eurovelo 1
  • Duration 7 days
  • Activity Biking
  • Holiday among adults
  • Theme coast

Information : The Vendée coastal isles

  • Comfort
  • Difficulty
  • Note
  • Roadbooks French


Your holiday along the Velodyssee begins at the very heart of the Breton marsh in the Vendée region, between sea and mainland. The scenery is astonishing, with water meadows and polders cut through by canals and drained by salt channels.
Arrival on the island of Noirmoutier underlines a deepening impression of being in another world as you penetrate further into the isle. There are beaches, salterns, visits to little fishing ports. And now you are ready for the third part of the programme where you set foot on the Ile d'Yeu with its wild coastline, fine sandy beaches, little white cottages and sea air to fill your lungs. It's as if you were on the open sea!

You'll love

  •  the traffic-free itinerary through the salt flats
  • cycling across the Gois (tidal causeway) to get to Noirmoutier
  • the fine sands of the Isle of Yeu
  • trying the seafood

Program : The Vendée coastal isles

  • D1 Arrival in Bouin

    Arrival late afternoon at Bouin.
    Welcome and settling in.

    Dinner and night at the attractive 3 star hotel with its own pool.

  • D2 Bike ride round Bouin

    42km stage. Around 4hrs.
    Cycling is perhaps the ideal way of exploring the marshes of the Vendée.
    You weave your way through water meadows, step across the saltwater channels and suddenly there is a multitude of migratory or resident birds, mud waders being prominent among the latter. Dykes on the ocean's edge link pretty ports together, and there are oysters, shellfish and loads of fresh air on the menu!

    Dinner and night at the attractive 3 star hotel with its own pool.

  • D3 From Bouin to Noirmoutier

    37,5 km stage if you go through Le Passage du Gois (tidal causeway) or 56,5 km by the bridge. From 3hrs30 to 5hrs30.

    This is the longest stage of your stay.
    If the tide permits, you can get to the Island of Noimoutier by the famous Passage du Gois. Otherwise you'll go there through a pine forest and across the Noirmoutier bridge. The climb is the toughest element in the day. Afterwards you continue across the marshes to the island's tip from whence you'll see the silhouette of the imposing castle of Noirmoutier.

    Dinner in the restaurant and night in a 2 star hotel with a pool near the castle.

  • D4 Ride centred on Noirmoutier

    19 km stage. Around 2hrs.
    You get the impression you're at Earth's end when you emerge from La Chaise wood and see the small coves that border the ocean. Plenty of places to bathe here, then once through the little villages in the north of the island you come to the broad beach of Luzérande. The return leg across the maze of salt marshes has undeniable charm.

    Dinner in the restaurant and night in the 2 star hotel with a pool near the castle.

  • D5 Bike ride on the western side of the Ile d'Yeu (say "ealed-yuh"!)

    Taxi to the pier at Fromentine.
    Crossing by boat to Ile d'Yeu. (30 mins).
    Your hotel is just 300 metres from Port-Joinville. Once you're installed you'll be ready for an exploratory visit of the island.
    Ride in the western part of the Ile d'Yeu: 18,2 kms (2hrs45).
    You soon leave the bustle of the port and come to a wonderfully panoramic track which follows the wild coastline. A succession of beaches set in a craggy coast. And a trip back in time with dolmens, menhirs and ancient castles.
    Dinner where you will at Port Joinville followed by night at the 2 star hotel.

  • D6 Ride on the eastern side of the Ile d'Yeu

    20 km stage (24 km possible), about 3hrs.
    The first part of the route is typified by beaches and gentle coastal scenery. At the very tip of the island lies a spot known as "les corbeaux" (the crows), where the wild and austere atmosphere of the island of Yeu dominates. The route back through the interior of the island, which passes between the neat white houses of the village of St Sauveur, is otherworldly...
    Dinner as you like it in Port Joinville and overnight stay at the 2 star hotel.

  • D7 Crossing from Ile d'Yeu to Fromentine

    Taxi transfer back to Bouin.


Tariffs high season

From July to August, departure every 2 days

In triple room

Adult : 765 €
Junior (12-17) : 765 €
Baby (0 - 1) : 70 €

In double room

Adult : 805 €
Junior (12 - 17) :  805 €
Baby (0 - 1) : 70 €

In single room

955 €

Solo traveller

1045 €

Tariffs low season

From April to June and from september to october, departure everyday

In triple room

Adult : 725 €
Junior (12-17) : 725 €
Baby (0-1) : 70 €

In double room

Adult :  765 €
Junior (12 - 17) : 765 €
Baby (0 - 1) : 70 €

In single room

915 €

Solo traveller

1005 €

What's included?

  • Half board and B&B in 2 star hotels and 3 star hotel
  • Roadbook and maps with route marked provided.
  • Technical and logistical assistance.
  • Baggage transfer by vehicle.
  • Private parking for your vehicle.
  • Return ferry ticket for Fromentine - Ile d'Yeu crossing included.
  • Transfer from Fromentine to Bouin.


  • Bike rental from  (compulsory on this circuit because there is no possibility to carry the bike from one island to the other ) :
    • Electric power bike rental for adult or junior: 140 €
    • Child seat : 10 €
    • Bike cart for child : 60 €
    • Bike for adult or junior : 80 €

What's not included ?

  • Dinners on days 5 and 6
  • Beverage and extra
  • Return transfer from Home to the first accomodation
  • Facultative cancellation and rapatriation insurance

Characteristics of circuits

  • Cycle tour, itinerant, without guide:
  • Daily stages from 18 to 42 kilometres, about 2 to 4hrs cycling daily.
  • Fairly level ground.


These holidays are much more about relaxed exploration than athletic performance. We transport your luggage between the stages and your roadbook will guide you from beginning to end. We also provide all necessary logistical and technical assistance.

On longer holidays you change accommodation every other day, which gives you the chance to better explore your surroundings or simply take the time to relax...

Accommodation is in 2 or 3 star hotels chosen for their atmosphere, warm welcome and environmental and architectural setting.
N.B : the accommodation described above is given as an indication and may have to be modified according to availability at the moment when final reservation is confirmed.

Certain stages are programmed without an evening meal but there are plenty of nearby eating places of various kinds.


By car

Highway at Nantes - 60 km

By air

Nantes Atlantique airport or Paris airports

By train

Nantes railway station then by bus or taxi to the accommodation in Bouin.


Global note
  • Friendly hoteliers, excellent direction, good value-for-money.

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