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The Drome Valley with a donkey

Walking in family along the Biovallée®
  • Duration 7 days
  • Activity Walking holiday with a donkey
  • Holiday among adults, with family
  • Theme countryside

Information : The Drome Valley with a donkey

  • Comfort
  • Difficulty
  • Note
  • Roadbooks French


A fine introduction to travelling with a pack donkey! The outings, with no major technical difficulty, are simple and well signposted. No grand monuments here, rather a series of modest architectural heirlooms which give particular charm to their surroundings... a "calade" (cobbled path) which climbs up to the heart of the village, a drystone wall built with craftsman's skill, a chapel of discrete charm, or a fountain with cool drinking water.
You'll stay in a fine working farm with family accommodation. Your hosts rear a handsome herd of goats which the children will love to see on their return from the day's walk. Time drifts peacefully by here and you're sure to enjoy the fresh farm produce. Your second residence faces the hilltop village of La Roche sur Grane.
And once immersed in this countryside with a Mediterranean feel, you'll no doubt appreciate a dip in the superb pool if it gets just a little too warm...

You'll love

  • your accommodation in a still-active small farm in the Drôme
  • the views over the uplands of the Trois Becs mountain
  • swimming in the superb private pool at La Roche-sur-Grane
  • the fun of exploring tracks and paths frequented by few others...

Program : The Drome Valley with a donkey

  • D1 Arrival at Saoû

    Things to see :
    Panorama over forest of Saoû.

    Dinner and night in authentic Drôme farmhouse.

  • D2 Walk around Saoû (Rochecolombe)

    10.7 km stage with total uphill 300m (level 3/5). Duration around 4hrs walking.

    This day you won't fail to be impressed by the powerful cliffs of Saou. The mountain called Roche Colombe, with a summit at 886metres, watches over you. There are lots of wild flowers of many colours. Perhaps you'll be lucky and see, in a clearing, one of the native ungulates (hooved animals): a chamois, a roe deer...

    Dinner and night at the farm.

  • D3 Walk around Saoû (Soyans)

    10.5 km with total uphill 345 m (level 2/5). Duration around 3hrs15.
    Fine stones, the castle of Soyans, and superb oak trees along the way.
    The day's walk is mainly beneath the trees, along varied paths, with striking views over Saou, the mountain of Couspeau and the Vercors range.

    Dinner and night at the farm.

  • D4 Walk from Saoû to La Roche sur Grane

    Transfer of your vehicle and luggage to the next accomodation.
    Return with your host to beginn the walk.

    13.5 km with total uphill 350 m (level3/5) . Duration about 4hrs 30.
    A family walk through meadows and woods where everyone explores the varied landscapes, natural oak and box forests and the many farms still in activity.
    The route goes along sometimes unsignposted little-used paths, and you'll enjoy the village of Autichamp with its 'calades' (hand-laid cobbled ginnels or alleys), and fountains, and gargoyles...

    Dinner and night in 3 épis guest house with pool.

  • D5 Walk around La Roche sur Grane (Tartaiguille)

    9 km with total uphill 250 (level 2/5). Duration around 3hrs.
    Walk in the countryside around the Roche sur Grâne.
    From the ridge line you can see the plain of Montelimar to the south, and a little further on, le Mont Ventoux. To the north stands the limestone fortress of the Vercors range of mountains. And on your way you'll come across small abandoned buildings which bear witness to the farming past of this part of the Drôme.

    Dinner and night in 3 épis guest house with pool.

  • D6 Walk around La Roche sur Grane (Pierre Sanglante)

    10 km with total uphill 305 m (level 3/5). Duration about 3hrs.
    This is a round trip through the wood of Seauve. There you will discover the pass with the strange name - 'pierre sanglante' means bloody, or gory, stone - evocative of scary tales and legends...
    Fabulous panorama over 'Drôme Provençale'.

    Dinner and night in 3 épis guest house with pool.

  • D7 La Roche sur Grane

    Departure after breakfast.

Tariffs High season

From July to August, departure every 3 days

In family room

Adult : 605 €
Junior (12-17) : 605 €
Child (2-11) : 395 €
Baby (0 - 1) : 70 €

In double room

Adult : 950 €
Junior (12 - 17) :  900 €
Child (2 - 11) : 600 €
Baby (0 - 1) : 70 €

Tariffs low season

From April to June and from september to october, departure everyday

In family room

Adult : 605 €
Junior (12-17) : 605 €
Child (2-11) : 395 €
Baby (0 - 1) : 70 €

In double room

Adult :  900 €
Junior (12 - 17) : 800 €
Child (2 - 11) : 550 €
Baby (0 - 1) : 70 €

What's included?

  • Half board + picnic lunches
  • 3 'épis' guest houses.
  • Detailed road-book and maps.
  • Technical and logistical support.
  • Baggage and vehicular transfer from Saoû to La Roche sur Grane.


  • Donkey rental:  245 €

What's not included ?

  • Supplement for travelling with your dog : to pay directly to the accomodation
  • Beverage and extras
  • Return transfer from Home to the first accomodation
  • Facultative cancellation and rapatriation insurance

Characteristics of circuits

  • Walking holiday with a donkey, suitable for families.
  • Difficulty: 2/5, children of 4 and over can usually manage.
  • Daily stages: 9.5 to 13.5km (3 to 5 hrs walk)
  • Total daily uphill: 200 - 400 metres.
  • Altitude from 250 to 550metres .


These walks are much more about relaxed exploration than athletic performance. Your roadbook will guide you from beginning to end, and at each stage you'll find a place for the donkey to drink, eat and rest. We provide the logistical and technical support necessary.

Leading a pack donkey: travelling with a donkey is a superb way of enjoying a family walking holiday at the slow rhythm of the animal. They are great company for children and adults alike.
The donkey's role is to carry your baggage for the day (or the whole trip in the case of short stays). It can also, under your supervision and at your own risk, carry the children one-at-a time if they start to feel too tired, provided that
1) they are at least 4 years old and capable of holding themselves seated upright on the animal;
2) the terrain is even, and
3) the donkey's total load is less than 40 kilograms.
Looking after a donkey requires some attention, which is why we only provide one donkey per family per holiday.

On longer holidays you change accommodation every other day, which gives you the chance to better explore your surroundings or simply take the time to relax...

Accommodation (3 'épis' guest houses) has been chosen for its atmosphere, warm welcome and environmental and architectural excellence.
N.B : the accommodation described above is given as an indication and may vary according to availability at the moment your reservation is finalized.


By car

Highway A7 exit n°16 Loriol - 30 km

By air

Airport Marseille-Provence or airport Lyon St-Exupéry.

By train

Railway station : Crest + bus from Crest to Saoû


Global note
  • We comeback delighted with our trip around the hilltops villages. The trip is absolutely adapt for young children (2 and 4 years). The contact with farm animals was a very great experience for our children.

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