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Walking holidays in Occitania

From Rouergue to Quercy, this is a route steeped in the culture of the Languedoc
  • Duration 7 days
  • Activity Walking holiday
  • Holiday among adults
  • Theme countryside

Information : Walking holidays in Occitania

  • Comfort
  • Difficulty
  • Note
  • Roadbooks French


A great getaway this, taking you from the plain of the Garonne river to the edge of the lofty Massif Central from Rouergue to Quercy. In this ever-changing countryside the walker will enjoy scenery and landscapes of great diversity: the abrupt, grandiose gorges of the Aveyron river, the arid, stone-strewn plateaux known as the "Causses", and the wooded dales of claysoil known here as "terrefort" ('strong earth'). The circuit takes you to three fine villages - Saint Antonin, Caylus and Puylaroc - which vie with each other in charm and architectural interest. It is not uncommon to hear Occitan spoken as you wander through the market. Indeed place-names often recall this tongue and culture. So enjoy the lilting language of the region, and get away from it all for a while...

You'll love

  • the very comfortable accommodation
  • the varied countryside and splendid views
  • an amazing wealth of architecture in Saint Antonin, Caylus and Puylaroc
  • becoming aware of the rich ever-present Occitan lifestyle

Program : Walking holidays in Occitania

  • D1 Arrival Saint Antonin Noble Val

    Things to see :
    Mediaeval village of Saint Antonin Noble Val and its fine houses. The banks of the Aveyron river.

    Evening meal and night in guesthouse in the heart of the mediaeval town of Saint Antonin Noble Val.

  • D2 Around Saint Antonin Noble Val: the Roc d'Anglars

    12 km stage with total uphill 410 m (level 2/5). About 4hours.
    This walk leads you along the ancient paths once taken by travellers coming from St Antonin, starting with a stiff climb up onto the plateau of Anglars. But what a view! From the top of the Roc you can see all along the Valley of the Aveyron and its tributary the Caylus. There's a great variety of vegetation, with trees and bushes along the riverside, cool undergrowth and high moorland (the "causse").

    Evening meal and night in the guesthouse.

  • D3 From Saint Antonin Noble Val to Caylus

    17.5 km with total uphill 520 m (level 2/5). Around 5hrs.
    Gorgeous varied walk with great countryside and views.
    From St Antonin you follow the Calvary way to come to the Grotte (cave) de la Gourgue beneath a vault of box trees with lend a touch of mystery to the site. Then it's up onto a pretty plateau which brings you to Caylus.

    Dinner and night at charming guesthouse with pool near Caylus.

  • D4 Around Caylus: the "causse" (rugged limestone plateau)

    14.5 km stage with total uphill 180 m (level 2/5). About 3hours50.
    Today's relatively even terrain lets you really appreciate the varied scenery of the "causse". Pasture land and moorland studded with juniper and oak woods succeed each other. Animals are often seen - rabbits and foxes and flights of birds are not uncommon along the way.
    You also pass through a number of typical hamlets on today's walk.

    Dinner and night at the guesthouse.

  • D5 From Caylus to Puylaroque

    15 km stage with total uphill 270 m (level 3/5). Around 3hrs40
    A wonderful walk which however occasionally goes along roads for some of the way. Watch out for dovecotes, crosses, and "gariottes" (drystone shelters)... but the main attraction has to be the site of Saint Symphorien with its charming 15th century priory. This little paradise harbours a natural spring with crystal-clear water.

    Evening meal and night in lovely guesthouse in the mediaeval village of Puylaroque.

  • D6 Around Puylaroque: the sources of the Lère

    12 km with total uphill 150 m (level 2/5). About 3hrs30.
    From Puylaroque you go down to the sources of the Lère river, then along the latter through a pretty hamlet called La Magdaleine to "La Coste".
    The walk back to Puylaroque takes you along a pleasant wooded path.

    Evening meal and night at guesthouse.

  • D7 Transport to Saint Antonin Noble Val

    You may like to take a walk around Saint Antonin: 10 km stage with total uphill 240 metres (level 2/5). Around 3hrs.
    Mostly along ridges with views over Saint Antonin, the plateau of Pech Dax and the Roc d'Anglars. The walk offers a variety of scenery and broad horizons. There is one fairly tough bit - getting up to the ridges in question...


Tariffs high season



Adult : 615 €
Junior (12 - 17) :  615 €
Baby (0 - 1) : 70 €


Adult : 645 €
Junior (12 - 17) :  645 €
Baby (0 - 1) : 70 €


825 €


870 €

Tariffs low season

From April to June and from september to october, departure everyday


Adult : 585 €
Junior (12 - 17) :  585 €
Baby (0 - 1) : 70 €


Adult : 615 €
Junior (12 - 17) :  615 €
Baby (0 - 1) : 70 €


795 €


840 €

What's included?

  • Half board accommodation
  • 3 "épis" guest rooms.
  • Detailed roadbook and routemarked maps provided
  • Logistical and technical assistance.
  • Shuttle organised for return to start point
  • Baggage transfer.


  • Picnics for the whole trip:  60 € per adult or junior

What's not included?

  • Beverage and extra
  • Round trip transfer from Home to the first accomodation
  • Facultative cancellation and rapatriation insurance

Characteristics of circuits

  • Walking holiday going from place to place, without guide.
  • Round trip: you come back to the start point at the end.
  • Daily stages between 12 and 17,5 kms, around 3hrs to 5hrs walking.
  • Total uphill between 150 and 520 metres daily.
  • Altitudes from 150 to 500 metres.


These walks are much more about relaxed exploration than athletic performance. Your baggage is transported from one accommodation to the next. Your roadbook will guide you from beginning to end and we provide the logistical and technical support necessary.

On longer holidays you change accommodation every other day, which gives you the chance to better explore your surroundings or simply take your time and relax...

Accommodation is in either 2 or 3 "épis"/star guest houses or hotels chosen for their atmosphere, warm welcome and environmental and architectural setting.

Accommodation is half-board. Picnics are extra : you may like to order these at reservation.


By car

Highway A20 exit 58 Caussade or 61a Nègrepelisse

By air

Toulouse Blagnac Airport

By train

Lexos Station, then taxi to the accommodation in Saint Antonin-Noble-Val


Global note
  • Very good reception everywhere. Very pleasant walks on beautiful paths.

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